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Skin Studio B  - Skin Studio B puts the Aaaaaahhh in Spaaaaa!!!
Wednesday thru Sunday 
10:00-7:oo appt. only! 

   Brow Design....$12
(shall we say brow rehab) Lets Tint, wax, shape, and tweeze, fill in the gaps with a natural soft brow powder!! Ready to hit the town! 

Lip Wax $8 Chin Wax $10
Brazilian Bikini Wax........Soft smooth lady petals, all bare down there! Includes the derriere! Hey that rhymes! I use hard and soft waxes.........30min $50
Playboy Bikini Wax......I wax everything except a lil bunny patch! Heff would be impressed! 20min $35
Bikini Wax.....Are you poolside ready daaauuuhhhling? A basic wax along bikini line! $25
Underarm Wax........
Sooo smoooth for weeks! $15
Do an Organic sugar/salt scrub, a day or two before! For exfoliation and moisture, it will improve skin texture, and fluff the hairs, for a better wax session!
Arm Wax   $25-$35
Full Leg Wax $55
Half Leg Wax $25-$35
 Face Wax              $25

Faux Mink Lashes...$100~$125
Refluff 2/3week $45
4/5 week $65
These are Classic Individual Lashes very fluffy light weight and will last up to 4-6 weeks this is about 1 hour 15 min session! I will wash your eyes and educate you on your fabulous new faux mink lashes!!
Brown Bunny Lash Eyewash $10
Quick Refresh Facial............
A great introduction to facials, 2x cleanse, skin analysis, treat specific zones, tone and moisturize the skin, guys love this facial!
........30min~ 45min......$40
 Acne Facial...........A 2x  cleansing to start off, with lots of steam a Cranberry Turnover Fruit Enzyme 20% salic, then a Charcoal n Chamomile Mask to calm the situation and minimize the pores! Extractions included Tesla light (kills bacteria)! Yeah!!Yippie!!   1 hr.......$45
Fruit Enzyme Customized Facial.............
 This customized Skin Script Rx facial is for everyone.... Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Acne, or just Drab! A thorough cleansing, custom exfoliation, fruit enzyme peel, and healing mask along with super vitamin C serums! A stimulating facial massage that will give your skin a youthful appearance using organic essential oils for healing! Yes it includes extractions and High Frequency....
 1 hr......$65
add a Skin Script chemical peel...$20
Signature California/ European Facial........
Begins with a Shira Radiant Organic 2x deep pore cleansing treatment w/steam, custom fruit enzyme, a session of Microdermabrasion to wisp away dead skin cells and debri! Hold on now......Anti~Ageing Red LED Light W/Microccurent for toning, firming, and softening of fine lines and wrinkles....WHEW!!! All combined and infused with Shira organic serums/moisturizers........75min. $125          
 Diamond Tip Wand 
Microdermabrasion All skin types, great for light acne...A quick glycolic cleanse, then 
a diamond tip wand lightly resurfaces vacuuming away dead skin cells, brightening the complexion, smoothing wrinkles, helping to soften fine lines, scars,  diminish hyper-pigmentation issues. $75

 Gift Certificates Available
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Skin Script Rx...Fruit Enzymes
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